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Imagine what a high performing CFO could deliver for your business? Having the flexibility your business requires is a key driver of performance, that’s why TR Consulting offers an on-call CFO and GM (General Manager) service. Many start-ups, small businesses and even medium sized businesses may not be big enough to justify a full-time CFO or General Manager, but undertake projects or business transactions that are complex enough to require seasoned finance professionals.

Unsure of what an on-call or on demand CFO / General Manager does?

Our on-call CFO or General Manager differentiates from an Accountant or Bookkeeper because we offer support that’s beyond the daily administration tasks. We drive the overall business strategy and ensure that the business capitalises its financial returns and minimises its financial loss.

Our focus is to analyse the numbers and draw meaningful conclusions so that business owners understand their financial information and are empowered make the right decisions. We can even accompany management on strategic and operational meetings so that we are across all aspects of your business and maximize the value we return.

An further benefit for startups is that an on-call CFO or General Manager, even part time, provides credibility to the company and gives stakeholders a boost in confidence knowing someone independent is engaged with the financial management of the company.

We provide a CFO to your business on an as-needs basis, a small investment that can prove to generate significant returns.

We have over 12 years Chartered Accounting experience and assist clients with strategic financial deliverables:

  • Budget setting, monthly performance analysis and tracking
  • Forecast preparation and analysis
  • Financial Reporting and management dashboard reporting
  • Cash flow modelling
  • Project Finance Advice
  • Cost – benefit analysis


What if your business already employs an Accountant or Bookkeeper to maintain your income statements, balance sheets and help with tax and compliance? No worries, we work along side your Accountant or Bookkeeper to obtain the financial information we require to: develop the right financial strategies to support your business to expand and grow. We do this through building your budget/forecast, develop your financial strategic plan (which would include a three- to five-year financial model), help you source finance and act as an advisor for critical business transactions.

Why Choose Us for Your CFO/GM On-call Service requirements?

  • Proven Outcomes
  • No Contracts
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Personalised Service

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