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Financial Modelling

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Does your business have solid and reliable budget and forecast models that can be used to measure business performance? TR Consulting can review or set budgets/forecasts that will change the way you do business.

Our financial advice is targeted towards improving profitability, controlling costs and enhancing operational efficiency in line with your business strategy.

A financial budget when done right can provide your business with a road map to guide your business and assess performance. Without a solid financial budget your business is effectively navigating blind and relying on luck rather than good planning and management to succeed. A good financial budget should be built through a flexible model which can change and adapt as new information becomes available and your business direction changes.

Our budgets and forecasts can be used to:

  • Assess the viability of new ventures
  • Plan for future cash-flows
  • Measure individual, group and company performance
  • Set financial KPIs

Any size business needs a well planned and thought out financial budget. If your budget has not been updated in over 12 months, contact TR Consulting to help you create this critical business tool.

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