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Buy/Sell Advocacy Service

Buying/Selling a Business? TR Consulting is the cost-effective choice!

At some point all business owners considers selling their business or acquiring another business. Every business has a life-cycle where there is an optimal point for one business owner to exit their business and another to buy that business as it meets his/her particular needs at a particular point in time. The point of difference with traditional brokerage services is that we are looking to provide an ethical service that leaves both the buyer and seller achieving their desired result from the transaction.

We achieve this by assisting the seller to structure their business in advance in preparation for a future sale, this may include:

  • Balance Sheet Clean Up
  • Renewing Key Contracts
  • Negotiating and Exiting of Longer Term Liabilities
  • Reducing Earnings Volatility

We have a history of selling a business and then continuing to work with both the buyer and seller which is reflective of our ethical and moral approach to such transactions.

Our Fee Structure

Our fee structure involves a once off establishment fee and then a success fee upon the successful sale of your business. The commission and fees charged are at a fraction of traditional brokerage services. (Note: TR Consulting is not a business brokerage services, as such there are limitations to the service we can offer. Such limitations can be eliminated through selected partnerships with established brokerage firms).

Why Choose Us For Buy/Sell Advocacy Services?

  • Proven Outcomes
  • No Contracts
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Personalised Service

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