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Online Marketing (SEO/SEM)

Have you got Google’s Attention?

To recognize business success and outperform your competitors, your business needs to have Google’s attention! TR Consulting specializes in developing online marketing strategies that will make you a digital leader and boost your online sales enquiries. We do not underestimate the impact of technology and neither should you. Business is conducted against the backdrop of smart phones, tablets, e-commerce channels and multiple social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – just to name a few). Today’s consumers expect to be able to interact with your business anytime, anywhere and via any device.

TR consulting can help you reach your customers through a strong online presence. We are here to make SEO and SEM functions a breeze. Based on your industry and your unique business requirements, we advise businesses on the optimal online marketing mix and can help you set the right marketing budget, to increase customer traffic and give your business a boost.

SEO and SEM functions can be technically challenging and very time consuming. TR Consulting has the expertise to manage these functions efficiently for your business. We have developed in-depth reporting dashboards that track and analyse your business’s online performance (SEO/SEM campaigns) and the effect these have on your bottom line. These reporting tools are used to refine and optimize the online marketing strategies and to report to your business on a monthly basis.

Our Process

1. Meet with us face-to-face and tell us what your business anddigital objectives are. Not sure? No problem, we can guide you.

2. We facilitate the development of your on-line strategy and budget.

3. We report face-to-face, key metrics to you every month and track impact on your bottom line.

Result = You Have Google’s attention! Stress free and at an affordable price!

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