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  • Keli Wallace Director Daytripper
    Posted on February 26,2015

    We have recently purchased an established business and having Tim has been very helpful.
    Tim has provided good solid advice as well as been a great support. He has taken the time to understand our business, interpret our requests and has delivered on everythingwe’ve asked for.
    Knowing Tim is working on other important business facets that I don’t have the time to get to, has been a weight off my shoulders. I would definitely recommend Tim.
    Thank you for your great service.

  • Carly Dillon Director Carly Dillon Photography
    Posted on February 26,2015

    Tim has made such an amazing impact to my photography business just within a matter of months my website traffic has dramatically increased, I have even appeared on page 1 when before I was page 10! My business has boomed & I know I have Tim to thank for that. Not only is he a great businessman he’s so lovely & easy to work with. Thanks TR Consulting & looking forward to a successful 2015 working with you.

  • Business Owner Royal Lotus
    Posted on February 26,2015

    Tim Roberts has been diligently assisting me with the set-up of my business and providing the advice needed for someone entering the world of business. He has provided the support required in solving the problems faced during the start-up and has shared his great objective views based on the knowledge he has.

    Tim has been of great assistance in providing resourceful information which has been difficult for me to find as an individual. I am grateful to have had a person of integrity such as Tim to share my ideas with and would happily recommend him to anyone in my situation who has an idea but needs the assistance in developing it into reality.

  • Raul V. Hernandez, Maicd Chief Executive Officer ACFE
    Posted on February 26,2015

    Tim Roberts’s knowledge and experience of running a successful business is eminent with the advice that he extended to ACFE.  For me, the most important part of the working relationship with TR Consulting  is a genuine empathy towards our business.  With TR Consulting around,  I have another view of our business.

  • Joie & Carlo Lacson Directors - Aide Australasia
    Posted on February 26,2015

    We wanted to tell you what a pleasure it has been to work with you. Your ideas, responsiveness, and implementation have been far beyond industry norms and even our expectations. You not only understand and accommodate our request (even beyond your expertise) but also add value to them through innovative applications and ideas. I must also compliment your follow up, sending emails / attachments, and confirming our needs were always met.

    We continue to be delighted to work with TR Consulting and see this as a long-term mutually beneficial relationship. Without your help, our dream for Aide Australasia will not be materialised.  The key to Aide Australasia is your personal involvement and prompt customer service.

    We would certainly recommend you in anyone in similar position and trust your success in the future.

  • Tammi Burke, National Operations Manager Abex Training Group
    Posted on February 26,2015

    Tim has been a dependable and helpful resource to our business, helping in areas such as compliance, tenders and general business performance. The work provided has been of the highest quality and I would not hesitate to recommend his services to any other companies.”

  • Julie Spalding, Corporate Trainer Co-Action Consulting
    Posted on February 26,2015

    Tim is one of the most reliable and strategic colleagues I have had the pleasure of working with.Solutions focused he never looses sight of the outcome, is consistent and results driven. I would highly recommend Tim to any prospective client.

  • Leesa Timbi, Director Yarap Marketing Solutions 
    Posted on February 26,2015

    Tim understood what vision I had for my business. He bought to life what I had in my mind. His professionalism is what resonates. I recommend him to anyone who needs help in setting up a business or doing that extra project on the side. One of his core strengths is putting together all the professional steps required to get your business or project running. I call him the one stop shop from start to finish. He definitely made my transition easier from contractor to starting my own marketing business. I have already recommended him to all of my friends and recommend him to you too

  • Dr. Berhan Ahmed, Chairperson African Think Tank
    Posted on February 26,2015

    Tim Roberts has been diligently working in relation to disadvantaged youth employment that are critical in redressing the problem in the new and emerging communities and his support may well result in providing a definitive answer to this problems facing the disadvantaged youth with the advent of network and skills. His objectivity and knowledge in relation to his chosen field of expertise would place him indubitably as the pre-eminent and authority in the field.
    Tim has assisted in providing information that relates to the significant in-roads that could be made via the introduction of new idea that would provide opportunity to African Youth in Melbourne.
    On a more personal note, I have found Tim to be forthright and upstanding in his discussions to date, which he offsets in a responsible manner with his objectivity as a business man requiring the finer and minute detail to be entirely objective in relation to his leadership role.
    Tim is a person that conducts himself with dignity and aplomb, and his ethically driven business man as what I consider to be the foremost entrepreneurial business man, makes him an integral part of a wider equation relating to the ultimate good of community and the onward well being of the Australian people.
    I would wish to categorically state that I have absolutely no reservation in onwardly recommending Tim and/or his services as a person of high integrity and unimpeachable moral fibre, to the wider community. I am firmly of the belief that as a result of his current undertakings, his significant body of work will be recognised at a higher level in the not too distant future.

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