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  • The Challenges of Starting a Business

    Posted on February 26,2015
    By Tim Roberts

    We hear the phrase “It’s not rocket science” from time to time. As we may all know, it is uttered to emphasize that something is not that hard to do. The list of things wherein it can be used will go on. Having said that, there is also a list of subject where it should, could, and would not be used. One of those is the tricky world of business. When we consider how hard a company must grind through a rugged path just to reach a certain respectable level, it is reasonable to call it “rocket science.” Here now are some of the standard challenges one can encounter when starting a business.



    You can dream of having your own business all you want and nothing will evolve out of it unless you come up with an actual idea. Everybody’s  trying to “think outside the box”; so much so that the area outside that “box” is getting crowded. A lot has been done and it is really hard to  think of an idea that would really make you fresh in the business industry.



    Once you have the vision for a possible business, it’s now time to put pen to paper. Having an idea is not enough to advance you to the next  round; you have to have a systematic approach to be able to execute the business properly. This plays a role on how your company will rise through the ranks. It should contain everything about your business. Make sure this is thoroughly done up to the very last detail. It’s one of the  things that will help you attract investors.




    If you think that those last two steps are hard, wait ‘till you get to this step. It’s a whole new level of hardship. This is where the skill of “salesman-ism” comes to play. You have to “live, breathe, and eat” your business, know it from top to bottom, and make sure that it can be profitable before you can even think of talking to an investor. You can literally have the best business idea in the world, but it will be  orderline impossible to ask someone money if you have no proof that it has the potential to come back and grow.



    Due to an owner’s eagerness and excitement to start as soon as possible, this is sometimes overlooked. It’s not as tough as finding an investor or writing a plan, but finding a place that truly fits your business can take you a lot of searching. Here are the things you must  consider: great population, reasonable price, and blends well with your brand.



    Building a Team

    This is as important as it can get. Be extra careful in adding people in your business’s inner circle, not doing might break your company into pieces. Remember to consider what everyone’s fortes are; it is done so that one’s strengths can make up for others’ weaknesses. In doing this the right way, you will be definitely in great shape to succeed.






    Once everything is in place and you are up and running, this is a challenge that will most definitely flex your muscles up. This is where the phrase “separate boys from the men” enters. The world of entrepreneurship constantly changes, it’s either you adapt or you perish – One good example of this is MySpace, Friendster, and Facebook – Find whatever holes your competitors have and figure out how you can gain an advantage out of it.


    Here are TR Consulting, we’re all about helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals. Challenges like these ignite the creative and competitive juices in us. Our passion and the versatility of the services we offer helped us propel our clients into improving their company immensely.

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