You’ve read all the books, you’re subscribed to all your biggest influencers, you receive alerts to every emerging update, but are you really in tune with how to problem-solve when it really counts?

The drive to succeed on your own volition as a business owner can be strong, right? Every business owner wants to thrive, succeed and expand as their business develops. One of the strongest business tools you may not have considered adopting is a healthy collaboration with other small businesses that could do with the support too.

Where sharing and exchanging information about systems and processes, collaborating gives business owners the opportunity to move outside their own circle of systems and find out more about what the network is using effectively. Put simply, collaboration keeps you in the loop. But what kind of collaboration is right for you? Some examples include:

Want to learn more about updates in technology for small businesses? Why not build a monthly share space for keen collaborators just like yourself?

Complimentary services

Make the best biscotti in town? Why not offer a round of café freebies in exchange for a sales space?

Local, Seasonally Positioned Trades

There are always strong themes to capitalise on with seasonal changes. End of the winter holidays? Here’s an opportunity for the local masseuse to team up with the local hairdresser and offer a great deal to tired parents.

Event Drawcards

Check your local community announcement platforms and find out about any events scheduled to take place near you. For example, the local primary school fete can become a big drawcard to a café owner when a deal is offered to fete-going patrons that share your service on that day.

We’re an adaptable bunch. And we seem to do our best learning and make the most progress in the company of others striving to reach a common goal. Collaborating is a great opportunity for productive and supportive communication to take place. What’s stopping you from reaching out to some like-minded business owners?

Offering a premium business consulting service, TR Consulting welcome business owners to reach out and talk with us about opportunities to further develop the way you do business. Call us on 1300 054 552 for more information about the services we provide today.

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