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How we can help?

At some point all business owners consider selling their business or acquiring another business. Every business has a life-cycle where there is an optimal point for one business owner to exit their business and another to buy that business as it meets his/her particular needs at a particular point in time.

The point of difference with traditional brokerage services is that we are looking to provide an ethical service that leaves both the buyer and seller achieving their desired result from the transaction.

From a seller point of view we can put a long term plan in place to build your business up to the optimal point of sale. For example an investor wants to see locked in recurring revenues, a business model not linked to any one owner or employee, diversified list of customers, established purchasing power and a process driven business model that runs much like a franchise (turn key operation).

From a buyers point of view we can adjust provided financials by normalising results based on expected returns post handover. Negotiating an appropriate transaction can limit the downside risk to the buyer.

While we do not act as a business broker, we can act as a buyer advocate or business buyers agent and list your business for sale and do work with selected business brokers when required.

Our Fee Structure

Our fee structure involves a once off establishment fee and then a success fee upon the successful sale of your business. The commission and fees charged are at a fraction of traditional brokerage services. (Note: TR Consulting is not a business brokerage services, as such there are limitations to the service we can offer. Such limitations can be eliminated through selected partnerships with established brokerage firms).

We achieve this by assisting the seller to structure their business in advance in preparation for a future sale, this may include:


Documenting Key Business Processes

Locking in Long Term Leases

Balance Sheet Clean Up

Renewing Key Contracts

Negotiating and Exiting of Longer Term Liabilities

Reducing Earnings Volatility


We have a history of selling a business and then continuing to work with both the buyer and seller which is reflective of our ethical and moral approach to such transactions.

Why use TR Consulting to Buy or Sell your business?

Ethical Approach

As accountants we are bound by strict moral and ethical codes of practice. We strive to find the right buyer or seller at a fair market value.

Due Diligence

We complete a detailed due diligence check on behalf of our buyers to ensure the business purchased is performing as per vendor information supplied

Full Service Solutions

We can assist from the planning stage through to the preparing of key information, completion of due diligence and negotiating of key contracts

Our Buy/Sell Advocacy Team

Senior Business Consultant

Tim Roberts

Katie Karavias-Director
Senior Analyst & Research Consultant

Katie Karavias

Why Choose Us?

Proven Outcomes

We have built a reputation for consistently producing quality results.

No Contracts

We like to take away the complexity and give our clients flexibility.

Personalised Service

We do our best work when we meet with you. All our products and services are customized.