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Does your business have solid and reliable budget and forecast models that can be used to measure business performance? TR Consulting can review or set financial modelling forecasts that will underpin your business operations and reporting.

When done right, a financial budget can provide your business with a road map to guide your business and assess performance. Without a solid financial budget your business is effectively navigating blind and relying on luck rather than good planning and management to succeed.

A good financial budget should be built through a flexible model which can change and adapt as new information becomes available and your business direction changes.

The usefulness of a financial model is only as good as the financial assumptions that drive the model. Our approach is to break down your business into the core assumptions that drive business transactions.

Our budgets and forecasts can be used to:

Assess the viability of new ventures

Scenario analysis and planning

Cash flow planning and management

Routine performance management

Measure individual, group and company performance

Set financial KPIs

Asses the key financial drivers and assumptions that underpin your business model

Rank the financial merits of various business opportunities


Any size business needs a well planned and thought out financial budget. If your budget has not been updated in over 12 months, contact TR Consulting to help you create this critical business tool.

The Benefits

Reporting and Management

Understanding the assumptions that underpin your business model allows you to set key targets.

This allows outcomes based management across all levels of employees and management.


Cashflow Management

Nothing is as critical as having tight controls and management over company cash inflows and outflows.

A common mistake of companies of all sizes is chasing revenue growth and generating accounting profits. However the first benchmark should always be to generate surplus cashflows.

Outcomes Focused Management

Successful businesses manage the operations and company resources based on achieving set outcomes. For example a scalable business model should know the proportion of sales that need to be reinvested into key business activities such as marketing.

Our Financial Modelling Team

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Tim Roberts

Katie Karavias-Director
Senior Analyst & Research Consultant

Katie Karavias

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