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Internal Audits and Agreed Upon Procedure Reporting

Our team includes Chartered Accountants with significant experience in external and internal auditing. If your company has compliance requirements or for internal reasons (board, management, stakeholder or other) why an internal audit is required we can scope out the work required and complete the internal audit accordingly.

An internal audit or agreed upon procedures report can be a great investment to provide an independent check that key policies and procedures are being followed. A routinely completed internal audit can provide assurance to key stakeholders.

Whether your board and management team have concerns or you are simply looking at improving the overall robustness of your corporate governance an internal audit can be a great tool if completed correctly.

An internal audit or agreed upon procedures report can:

Improve corporate governance

Provide assurance to key stakeholders

Create a compliance focused culture

Provide confidence to third party suppliers and customers that key policies and procedures are being adhered too

Provides a systematic and disciplined approach to maintaining compliance

Allows for an objective review of the application of key company processes

Can trigger the re-engineering of key processes


Corporate Governance

Stakeholder reporting is no longer bottom line focused only. Successful business ensure key processes and compliance requirements are met. An internal audit is a proactive approach to improving your corporate governance

Process Improvement

An investment in mapping out and re-engineering the key processes within your business can greatly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of key business tasks

Agreed Upon Procedures

Our internal reports can be scope to meet your specific requirements. An objective report will provide assurances to your stakeholders that the business is being operated in line with stated policies and processes

Our Internal Audit Team

Senior Business Consultant

Tim Roberts

Katie Karavias-Director
Senior Analyst & Research Consultant

Katie Karavias

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