The common question that seems to pop-up is: “What is the difference between an Accountant and a Business Consultant?”.

A Business Consultant differentiates from an Accountant or Bookkeeper because we offer support that’s beyond the daily administration tasks.Accountants provide services that range from preparing tax returns and tax planning, recording a company’s transactions and maintain financial records. On the other hand, Business Consultants apply their finance and accounting skills to help a company make strategic financial decisions and develop processes to measure businessperformance and the success of that strategy.

A business consultant goes beyond ensuring the accuracy of financial records and reporting. TR Business Consultants work with companies across Melbourne to ensure that they capitalise their financial returns and minimise financial loss. We analyse the numbers to draw meaningful conclusions so that business owners understand their financial information and are empowered make the right strategic decisions. Our Business Consultants are dedicated to working with business of all sizes and shapes to develop the right financial strategies to support the growth and expansion. This is achieved through building budgets/forecasts and developinga financial strategic plan and can act as an advisor for critical business transactions.

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