It should come as no surprise that small businesses in Melbourne and around the world should have a good-looking and well-functioning website. It's 2018 and businesses that aren't online will feel the impact sooner or later.

The problem is, just having a website set up is no longer enough. It's important that you take steps to make your website work for you, so you can reap the benefits and encourage more customers. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is always changing, so while you may be aware that you should be publishing content with all the right keywords, you also should be engineering your site in a way that makes it show up in search results.

As a starting point, read over this check-list to determine whether your site is performing as well as it could be.

  1. It contains engaging copy. Your content should be optimised for Google, but you need to also think about the end-user. Write copy that readers can engage with, rather than passively read. That means it should be shareable and should allow comments. Google prefers content that has some sort of engagement.
  2. It has clear call-to-actions. CTAs are links or buttons that offer an easy way for visitors to interact with your brand. Whether that's contacting you, registering for email newsletters or checking out social profiles, keep your CTAs prominent and above the fold.
  3. It is optimised for semantic search. Semantic search is the thing a search engine uses to give more detailed information, using more than just keywords. For example, you should be able to answer questions that a user explicitly searches for. E.g. "What is the best business consultant company in Melbourne?"
  4. It's mobile- friendly. Your customers are always on the move and 60% of all online traffic now comes from a mobile device. Ensure your site is optimised for devices like mobiles and tablets or potential customers will bounce away when they find a messy website.
  5. Use local SEO techniques. More than half of all mobile searches involve looking for something in a particular area. Register your business on Google + so it shows up in maps. That way, customers can work out how close you are before they make the journey to your physical location.

If this all sounds a bit complicated, take advantage of the help out there available from professionals. TR Consulting is a small business consultant in Melbourne that offers web development and online marketing services.

We can create an affordable website that's tailored to your business and is designed to get the results you want. Get in touch by calling us on 1300 054 552 to discuss the packages available. With the right marketing mix and online presence, see the boost we could give your business.

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