At TR Consulting, we believe that small business success is not a sprint to a finish line. Instead, it is a marathon, requiring a high level of training before and support during the process of running a business.

A sprint is all about power and speed, all the energy devoted to getting a good start. While a great start is ideal, running a business is more like a marathon requiring endurance and stamina. So, by using some of the same tips marathon runners follow, how can you build an enduring business?

Training for the marathon

• Be aware of your limits, no one successfully runs a marathon without training or having prior experience. While you many not have experience in running a business, experience or knowledge of the industry you want to operate is essential to developing a steady business.

• Plan early, runners do not get out of bed one morning and decide to run a full-length marathon that afternoon. Instead, they have been increasing their distance for months and researching the type of terrain and obstacles long before they run the final distance. So too, business owners need to conduct appropriate research before launching into a business. Running a business ill-prepared is less likely to result in a sprained ankle, but it can cause significant financial injury.

Running your Marathon

Once you have adequately planned for your business or marathon, it’s time to get out and run! However, there are several areas to ensure your business runs smoothly
• Stay focused on the finish line; your goals were set out in the training section for a reason. If your ultimate goal is too far away, try setting smaller goals to ensure you stay on track and motivated.

• One of the most important aspects is to stay hydrated and fuelled up. For businesses, this involves ensuring you do not become burnt-out and do what it takes to become efficient, healthy and sane. One of the best ways to do this is through hiring experienced professionals to guide you through the process. Top business consulting companies, like TR Consulting, provide a way for small businesses to remove some of the pressure. TR Consulting can provide experienced advice and service in operating, financial and marketing – allowing you to focus on the important parts of running a business.

If you have started a business or attempting to get one off the ground, do not go into the process ill-prepared. Contact TR Consulting for support and guidance to ensure you finish the race successfully.

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