Building a new business start up is a handful, to say the least. With a maze of business elements to navigate, you can feel like you’re stuck in a pit of to-do lists, multi-tasking and dead-ends. When you’re being buried deeper and deeper in work, it can be easy to dismiss the areas that seem less important.

One of the areas that often takes a backseat in new business start ups is social media. But it’s more than just a network of memes and Boomerang videos, social media for startups is something that needs attention.

Going social is a solid way of establishing your brand, building connections and making sure people know you’re here to stay. With over 1 billion registered accounts on Facebook and 316 million monthly users on Twitter, is it time to go social with your startup?

Here are some great ways to power up the social side of your new business start up.

Use Effective Social Media Management Tools

There are a range of social suites out there to take the hassle away from building your social media presence. All-in-one tools make it easy to manage your company’s social media all in one place. You’ll have the means to schedule social media posts, meaning your company is being heard even when you’re not working.

You’ll also be able to monitor returns on your social media investments, giving you those all-important metrics. Tracking metrics is a great way to focus your social media efforts and tailor your business plan.

Get Feedback from your Customers

Social media is a simple, immediate way to interact with your customers. Even if your business doesn’t have a physical location just yet, it doesn’t mean you can’t reach out. Communicate with customers and ask them for feedback about a particular service they may have tried. They can leave reviews and offer advice, and it’s available to anyone on your social page.

Be Consistent

In the competition with so many other large companies, it’s important that people know who you are. You should choose the social media platforms that best suit your startup, and then plaster your brand all over them! Be consistent across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and any other platforms you choose. Choose your unique voice, style and designs and stick to it.

This uniform approach will make it easier for consumers to recognise your brand, and know exactly what you’re about.

Build a Community

You should make your social media followers feel like they’re a part of something new and exclusive. Do this by offering social media promotions, that are only available to your online community. This will spice up your social media campaigns by encouraging engagement, as well as enticing brand new customers.

At TR Consulting, we know you’ve got a lot on your plate. That’s why we offer comprehensive social media marketing for your business. Let us fight through the online social media noise and give your brand a voice, and you can focus on that to-do list.

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