As a professional consultant company, we are often brought into businesses when business owners become unhappy with their progress or growth. As a result, we have seen many challenging product/service problems, areas they have stalled and even businesses which are failing.

For those with stunted growth, it is often easy to see where a strategy has stalled or failed to generate the right results. Frequently this is not from a lack of passion from the owners or managers. In fact, most have high growth standards and goals, desperate to move their company towards the next dream. Further investigation often demonstrates a common root problem: the comfort zone.

Entrepreneurs often fall into one of three different routes to success, while they can all deliver results only one will deliver the kind of results that revolutionises industries.

 Following the path of least resistance. This approach follows the path of least resistance as businesses stick to what is easy. Unfortunately, this also means the path can be long and convoluted. Sometimes to get ahead in their industry, businesses need to confront certain challenges. People who follow a less resistance strategy are frequently confused about their direction, which has the problem of also frustrating customers and employees. Not only is it an ineffective strategy it leaves the path to innovation free for competitors with clearer goals.

Staying inside the comfort zone. While staying within the path of the most familiar can generate results, it often is at the cost of market leadership. Businesses will take two steps forward and then one back when something new appears. This is based primarily on the unwillingness to take a risk or to give something new any significant time to succeed. These businesses find it easier to stick to what they know and assume that if an idea is not an instant success, it is an acceptable risk. Unfortunately these businesses never truly realise key opportunities, becoming market followers instead of the leaders they had the potential to be. It can also inhibit business growth and eventually results in the same failure the business leader initially feared.

The Direct Route. Ultimately the most successful strategy is one which forces the business out of their comfort zone and directly approaching their goals. It is not any easy task, increasing the internal and external resistance. It takes fortitude to go full throttle at a strategy, breaking through barriers and achieving success. Internally many employees and even their own feelings may tell the business leader to slow down and think. However, leaders which forge ahead towards their planned goals and business dreams, truly realise their potential.

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If you have been struggling with your goals and direction, it might be time to look for an outside opinion. One of the biggest benefits a business consultant can give Melbourne businesses is simply an impartial, unbiased opinion.

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