Business analysis is a service driven by the need to ensure that projects be delivered on time and that they add the desired value to the organisation. It is carried out through guaranteeing proper definition and documentation of business requirements by a professional business analyst. People tend to agree that professional business analysts play a critical role in an organisation’s productivity, efficiency and profitability.

Various organisations are now using business advisory services to help with productivity and profitability. However, as the industry changes, it is essential that business analysts collaborate effectively with sponsors, stakeholders, developers and project managers. The necessary skill set for business analysts range from communication and interpersonal skills to problem-solving and critical thinking. However, with the changing times, a modern BA must hone their skills and adapt to emerging new environments.

Here are some skills that a business analyst needs to demonstrate to succeed.

  •     Should be engaging

Business analysts must possess the ability to convince people to commit their time and effort to work on activities that often aren’t their top priority. Having a business analyst who can communicate with passion and dedication the value of your project will pull people in without needing to list off a million reasons you need to be involved. This BA skill can help achieve meaningful results in a short amount of time.

  •     Not easily ruffled by conflict

Business analysts need to be able to demonstrate high levels of transparency and reliability, as they will often face adversity from stakeholders, challenging timelines and potential/actual shifts in scope. A good BA will not be ruffled but will expertly communicate with stakeholders to return your calls and e-mails, evaluate the relevancy of the business rules and try to accommodate the stakeholder’s requirement.

  •     Must be multi-disciplined

Many business analysts have expertise and experience in IT and their domain, but a good BA will also be able to perform tasks in entirely unrelated fields across multiple industries. Business analysts with this skill can easily relate to capturing information, interact with stakeholders and identify opportunities better. Business owners will gain from working with a multi-disciplined business analyst, as they can often find innovative ways to deliver value to their projects with a wide range of knowledge.

The above-mentioned are some of the skills apart from the flexibility and working as a team player that a business analyst should be able to demonstrate. If you are a business owner in search of a business analyst with such skills, then TR Consulting can help. Get in touch with us today

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