There is an ever–growing tendency amongst small business owners to build their own digital stores when launching an online business. Often the motivation is money, as they’d rather have a go themselves than pay for an expert website designer and developer to do it for them.

However, the relatively small sum they will save will end up costing them exponentially more in lost sales, as an unprofessional website and ecommerce store won’t attract customers or conversions.

Although technology and ecommerce companies like Shopify have come a long way in the last 10 years (to the point where most people could drag and drop a website together in a few minutes), a DIY store is unlikely to be fit for purpose. Even if set up for free or on the cheap, there will be a lot of time wasted, and time is money when you’re running a business.

Firstly, think of an online store like a brick–and–mortar store.

If a new business was leasing a premises, they would almost always contract a tradesman to complete a quality fit–out of the space. These fit–outs can cost significant sums of money; however, the owners are unlikely to pick up the hammer and saw and give it a go themselves when there’s so much at stake. This is because first impressions are the difference between achieving a sale and not.

Websites and Shopify online stores are much the same this way. A digital shop build is equivalent to a physical store fit–out, and the expense can decide your success. The difference between achieving a 1% conversion rate and a 5% conversion rate will determine the viability and longevity of your online business.


Then, see digital marketing and advertising undertaken as equal to rent.

In these modern times, unfortunately the old adage “build it and they will come” does not necessarily apply. With so much competition online and various optimisation strategies working away behind the scenes, it’s harder than ever to stand out in the crowd and attract and retain genuine customers.

A well–structured digital marketing plan will drive the right traffic to your Shopify store just like how renting a premise on a trendy shopping strip will divert foot traffic into your store. With a physical store, you often choose a location because it will give you a high volume of walk–ins. The same can be said for marketing services, as your online store needs good visibility first before it can be profitable.

Now, consider how much time you’ll save with the right skills and support.

A hobby or side hustle might not require much effort, but a business needs an expert to ensure your brand is positioned in its best light.

When you on board the expertise of pro, you don’t just get a great website, but the ongoing support and assistance that is needed for running a business online. It’s not just a matter of setting up a theme, installing plug ins and away you go. From the build right through to utilising the correct payment gateways and automations, an experienced Shopify designer and developer will save you countless hours and headaches.

They’ve built hundreds of stores and have years of experience in learning the dos and don’ts of user experience, as well as avoiding costly troubleshooting and fixes down the track. Online stores are not static, they need to be ever changing, and as such having someone to make edits and updates on the go is critical to long term success.


So, what are you waiting for?

Unless you have a solid background in design or website development, then you should always put the limited time you have into value adding activities. For example, if you are opening a new clothing store, your attention should be on sourcing the best products and deciding how to create a value proposition for your brand in the market.

Therefore, when deciding where to cut costs and where to invest your money, if you are serious about starting an online business, then we strongly recommend you invest in the design and build of a Shopify online store and hire a professional.

TR Consulting designs & develops websites across multiple platforms including Shopify. Nick Karavias is our experienced and skilled Lead Design Consultant. Contact Nick today on nick@trconsulting.com.au for a consultation.