The primary obstacle faced by small businesses and start-ups is lack of professional expertise in various fields related to its operation. A small business owner will not be proficient in all business parameters and hence external help will be required. On the other hand, hiring specialist in-house personnel can drain the finances in salaries. The best option is to hire strategic business consultants who are highly qualified, have vast industry related experience and can guide you in every step till the business is stable and a revenue generating one. Most importantly, their fees are quite reasonable and will not break your bank.

A crucial aspect of strategic consulting is to draw up a business plan that includes every aspect necessary for future growth and development. It includes competitor analysis, marketing strategies and financial aspects that include cash flow analysis, future working capital requirements and projected revenue and expenditure. Correct brand pricing also forms a part of this plan. In fact so comprehensive is this document that it forms the basis for acquiring funds from banks and other lending institutions or to get additional partners on board.

Strategic business consultants also advise and mentor well established business houses that face a temporary slump in business or stagnating market share. In spite of having in-house expertise, external strategic consulting cangive a fresh perspective to the reasons behind the setback in business and bring the company out of trouble.

If you are looking for reputed strategic business consultants, TR Consultants should be your first choice. Our range of services includes small business start-up packages, business advisory services, business health check and devising successful financial strategies and models. We have a high level of professional expertise, a commitment to deliver consistent results and do not weigh down our clients with long term contracts. We believe in our abilities and is the reason why we offer a 100% money back guarantee if clients are not satisfied with our work.

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