Just as a toddler needs a helping hand to take the first steps, a business start-up too requires a push to get going and flower into a revenue generating unit. The reasons behind this are many. Generally, a promoter will not have the expertise in all the parameters necessary to get a business off the mark. An option is to hire specialised executives in different fields to help him along. But in the initial stages this can be a costly proposition, something that a start-up might not be able to afford. Further, it is also not wise to let a substantial part of the investment be blocked in fixed administrative overheads instead of channelling it to developmental activities. This is where top international consulting firms come into the picture.

If a start-up requires professional advice and guidance to work out effective growth strategies quickly, hiring one of these firms is the best option. Their consultants are highly qualified and have years of hands-on experience in their respective fields. Most importantly, their fees too are very reasonable and will not take away a large part of the capital required to set up business. Implementing a special start-up package planned out by these firms has immense possibilities. Top global consulting firms will help in the registration of the business, work out a business plan that includes effective marketing strategies and will prepare a document that will precisely project future working capital requirements and other financial parameters.

If you are planning a start-up and need a top of the line mentor to set you up, get in touch with TR Consulting. We are one of the leaders in the field and have years of experience in helping start-ups get off the blocks irrespective of the industry they are related to. Our range of specialised business advisory and consulting services include drawing up strategic plans for business growth and development, preparing Business Plans and Financial Models, training newly recruited company personnel and conducting Business Health Check amongst others. We do not believe in locking our clients into long term contracts. So sure are we of the effectiveness of our guidance that we even offer a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee if a customer is not satisfied.

For details, call us on 0407 831 906.

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