Solo entrepreneurs and small businesses in today’s world recognise the important of building a brand. In the past, there was less weight placed upon the importance of a company’s “brand”. It was usually something that developed naturally as time went on and the business matured.

Nowadays, all companies – especially digital-based ones – are choosing to embrace and establish their unique brand from the early stages. But what is a company brand?

In its most basic form, a brand is like a promise to your customer. It tells them who you are, what you’re about and what you’ll deliver. Your logo is the foundation of your brand; it’s what customers recognise as soon as they see any of your material. In an increasingly competitive market, establishing and maintaining consistent branding will give you a hard start.

Here are some tips to remember.

Define your Brand and Be Consistent

Defining your brand can be difficult at the start, but you need to decide who you are and then tell the world. Think about what you want people to associate your brand with, what are the benefits your company offers and what is your mission?

With most companies beginning their advertising with social media, make sure your social channels are consistent. That means using the same logo, colours, taglines and voice throughout the digital world. That way, customers can easily recognise who you are and feel confident when interacting or buying from you.

Stand out From the Crowd

It’s no secret that the digital space is becoming crowded with new businesses trying to get ahead. Consumers are growing bored with brands that don’t seem to offer something new and, if you’re doing something they’ve seen before, you’ll be thrown to the back of the pile.

Your business will be successful because of its individuality. For that reason, don’t be afraid to do something different. Modern companies are starting to get away with adopting a cheeky, funny approach to their marketing because it’s new, young and exciting. If you want consumers to associate your brand with being laid-back and having a sense of humour, brand it that way.

Be Flexible

While consistency is one of the most important factors of brand awareness, it’s important to grow with the times. Large tech companies like Instagram and Uber change their logos regularly to remain modern and interesting. If something is working for you, keep doing what you’re doing. If you’re not getting the results you’d like, try tweaking your branding and see if you notice an improvement.

Developing a good brand strategy will get you noticed and if people like it, they’ll buy into your brand. If you’re successful, they’ll eventually associate that brand with quality and you’ll be able to charge more for your products or services, or continue to grow your business in the way you’d like.

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