If you think of yourself as an enterprising individual, you may have already made attempts at starting a small business. You already know about what you have to give up, what you simply can't forget and how to sustain a business.

If you're considering setting up a small business and are still in the dark about what it takes to run a successful business, check out these start up tips for small businesses. The saying that your business becomes your baby has a lot of truth to it, so give it the best possible head start in life.

Define your Market

Your market is defined by those people that would benefit from your business, because you wouldn't set up a venture without aiming to satisfy a need or solve a problem, right? Determine the key demographics of those you expect to use your product or service, like age and income.

Study your major competitors and try to establish how much sales potential there is in the market for similar companies.

Make your Business Different

If you duplicate what someone else is already doing, your business will fall flat on its face. Choose a segment of the market and target it, instead of trying to appeal to everyone. Focus your niche on where your skills and qualities lie and use those strengths to your advantage.

Develop a Business Plan

Never dive right in to making important business decisions without first developing a thorough business plan. Detail how you will finance, advertise and manage your business. Your business plan should include information about your competitors, such as their strengths and weaknesses, and marketing strategies they use that seem to work.

Put together a 3 year and 5 year sales forecast that pinpoints where you expect to turn over a profit. The plan is something you need to get right, so employ business consultants in Melbourne to help if you're unsure.

Continue to Conduct Market Research

It's no good to only conduct market research before you embark on your small business adventure. Instead, this should be an ongoing part of your business. Conduct studies and get feedback from your customers on a regular basis. Specifically, find out how satisfied your customers are with pricing, product quality and customer service. Focus on what isn't working and what works for your competitors, and tweak your plan if necessary.

Get Online

The majority of companies will find benefits in creating a website and setting up social media accounts. Even a simple website will serve to provide information about your business, and being online gives potential customers instant access with open lines of communication. This can be a great way to gain feedback, encourage customers, take orders and show off your stellar customer service.


Whether this is your first small business venture or you've attempted an entrepreneurial project before,  these tips for small business are a solid starting points and none of them should be neglected. For ongoing support from the professionals, you can hire business consultants.

TR Consulting offers a package for small business start ups to help you get started and provide additional ongoing support to keep you on the right track. The package includes (but isn't limited to) business registration, planning and strategy, financial aspects, business coaching and more. Call us on 1300 054 552 for more information.

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