As business consultants we might be a little biased, however, we believe that a professional consulting company can play a significant role in building up a new business.

It is common knowledge that 20% of businesses fail within the first year, with 50% failing in the next three years. Savvy business founders have discovered that they can reduce their business risk by seeking out a business consulting service. In fact, 20% of those who do fail could have avoided it entirely if they sought out expert advice.

While many people only think of a consulting service as hiring someone to give them expert advice, a true business consulting agency delivers much more than that. Here are some key areas that a business consultant can benefit a business just starting up.

Financial & Accounting

Sometimes to unlock the true value of your business it is important to employ a second pair of eyes. Not only can a consulting business help you get the best financial strategies to grow your business, they can also take care of the accounting and bookkeeping. When starting out, most businesses do not need a full-time bookkeeper or accountant. So save some money and outsource your finances to your consulting firm.


With a business consultancy company who knows what they are doing, you can easily invest in marketing to boost your new business. Build your new brand’s awareness with your potential customers without guessing or wasting money on tactics that don’t work.


One of the most important aspects of your new business is making sure all your staff and key people understand how to use and implement the right tools. Leading consultants will be able to walk you through the key stages of setting up the business and train any key staff members in all the important tools, like CRMs and software.

Finally Strategy

Strategy should not be overlooked as it is a key service that consulting services are centred around. Your business will require the all-important business plan to truly succeed in its endeavours. Developing a strategy and business plan, implementing it and then ongoing tracking is one of the most important services your consulting firm will provide. Not only will this help your business grow and succeed, it will also help it take advantage of any opportunities that present themselves. Only by know where you are going and having a clear plan, will your business be able to move nimbly within the industry.

Set Yourself Up For Success

At TR Consulting we are passionate about helping small and new businesses succeed. Which is why we have bundled together a small business start-up package. Not only does this give you somewhere to start, it also removes a lot of the uncertainty and wasted opportunities for small business owners.

Even if you are not a small business and you have been around for a while, TR Consulting can help. We can help identify opportunities and threats by internal and external audits.

So whatever stage your business is at, TR Consulting can provide the outside perspective you were looking for.

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