In today’s competitive business landscape your customers are harder to engage and reach than ever before. This is partially down to the influx of businesses turning to the digital market transforming their reach from a local block into a global audience. However many businesses end up in a few common pitfalls as they attempt to create the successful digital customer experience. Straight from the IBM Institute for Business Value, there are four key lessons to be learnt in order to avoid the most common business mistakes.

Avoid Boxes

Much like any new technology, the digital landscape offers multiple opportunities for businesses. Unfortunately, many companies only think about one aspect or pathway when they are attempting to grow online. Try opening yourself up to more than just the common digital customer experience strategies. Have you thought about looking into technologies like mobile apps?

Build a Purpose

Companies that are attempting to move into the digital environment need to have a strong strategic strategy before they start making any significant changes. This is typically when many businesses require outside assistance, either from a digital specialist or even a business consultant service. A consultant is actually incredibly useful at this stage. Not only will they help you as the business owner determine the highest priority for your business, they will also help you work out the strategies to get there.

Get your Employees on board

Your employees are crucial to the success of your digital strategies, so it is important to get them on board. Not only will these shifts into the digital landscape change the definition of customer engagement, it will also help transform the workplace. Whether you are moving sections of your business into an online store or transforming the primary platforms you engage customers, it will still be a fundamental shift. To make this transition smoother, try getting your employees involved as much as possible with the strategic planning and incorporate them as much as possible.

Check what your customers actually desire

The most important tip from IBM’s recent study into digital transitions is to think about what the customer actually want. Too many businesses simply jump on the bandwagon and attempt to bring new digital options that are in trend, never considering what the customers might want. There is no point implementing new changes or focusing on areas that your customers do not find relevant. The bottom line is that if your new strategy is not correctly focused on your customer’s pain points, then your customers might not even adopt the new technology.

So plan strategically

It is important for businesses to build a digital presence and make themselves more competitive in unique and interesting ways. However, it is important you move forward in a strategic method when adopting new technology.

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