We are nearing the end of the year and of course, that means we’re already thinking about how we’ll propel ourselves and our valued clients into an even better 2019. For many business owners, SEOused in 2018 have achieved exactly what they hoped for; naturally, we’re excited about what looks set to change and how we can improve the positioning of any business in the digital landscape in the coming months.


We know search engines are becoming increasingly effective at their jobs. With Google currently capable of answering a huge volume of questions without human intervention, and voice-activated search requests also making a huge dent in how we arrive at the answer to our questions, there’s no doubt we’ll see huge change next year. Our top predictions as follows:


The rise and rise of chatbot technology has made more possible than we might have considered, with up to 80% of searchers happy to take their directions from a chatbot. While, granted, there are a few who would prefer to deal directly with a human being, the jury is in on voice assistants, ( Siri, Alexa , Hey Google for example) with the consensus being that we’re just as happy to use our voices as we are to use keyboards to retrieve and answer to our question.


We already know that artificial intelligence (AI)  is already a huge predictor of how your website is digested by search engines. Google already replicates human engagement using AI and uses the data from those interactions to ensure effective ranking.

In 2019, sites are set to be rewarded by these processes  for providing above average levels of usability, which again comes back to the key focus of user behaviour – this time decided by AI.


According to Google’s latest announcements, it won’t be long before AdWords will have the capacity to review the smart-phone viability of landing pages. What does that mean for you as a business owner? That your agency need to be on board with improving your website for optimised smartphone friendliness, or you’ll lose brownie points for not being on board.


Would you like to find out more about the techniques that really make a difference when it comes to getting Google’s attention? The team at TR Consulting can help. We’re passionate about making a positive impact with the power of technology and we believe in our ability to boost your business with our techniques. Speak with our team about your online business goals today! Call 1300 793 873.

January 10, 2019

This would be useful on my business, thanks 🙂

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