In our previous blog, we took a look at some of the less than healthy habits that can impact productivity levels as a small business owner. In Part One: Dealing with Big Stress in Small Business, we talked about ways to strategize for better stress management as a professional. It’s all about balance: in Part Two, where we’ll talk about the benefits of getting to know chatbots, how regular brain dumping can increase productivity and how to deal with tough clientele when it comes to dealing with your stress load.

Now we know how other business owners might manage stress around focus management, prioritising their task load, the miracle of brain dumping and why actually taking your break is critical for productivity, how else can we make sure we’re setting ourselves up for better business? Here are four more tips to stick to.

1. Buddy up with AI.

If your business pulls in a lot of interest online, then that’s fabulous news-but it can also mean you’re left to answer calls at all hours. Pull the pin on that. Not only because you need ‘off time’, but because you need to read up on why a chatbot is a small business essential. Most of your customers would rather deal with a chatbot when it comes to general enquiries, so if you want less time fielding leads that can easily be turned into conversions, it’s a tool you need to look into.

2. Brain Dump.

What condition are you coming home in? If you’re a rattled, frustrated mess coming in the front door, winding down is especially important.

Tip: try brain dumping, aka, the seemingly innocuous practice of writing down whatever comes to mind at the end of your business day. It doesn’t have to be much- 200 words, is an easy target and it really is fascinating to see what comes out on a page when you don’t put a limit or an expectation on what you’re about to write. Many people find they catch themselves in the middle of great solutions for their business challenges, without trying. It’s pretty easy. Set yourself a short amount of time at the end of the day, and just start writing. All it takes is five minutes on the train or before closing up.

3. Mark out a strategy for dealing with tough clientele.

We’re grateful for every client, right? But what happens when one of your clients becomes really difficult to please? Every small business owner will feel this pinch at some point, but having a strategy to deal with tough situations is important for you and your staff to know about. Chalk out your policy for dealing with grievances. Ensure every worker knows the route of dealing with problems. If you feel like your services are being taken advantages of, learn from it and be prepared to reinforce healthy guidelines on what you’re prepared to do to make your client happy. Consistency is key!

4. Keep your head above the Red.

Lastly, and certainly not least, you need to stay on top of finances. If you’re not across money coming in and going out of your business, you’re risking the whole raft. If you can’t manage it all, hire a great bookkeeper and work with them closely on a scheduled appointment to make sure your books are in order.

If you feel like support is what you need to run your small business owner effectively, don’t be hesitant to seek it. There are many great services and tools that can really help streamline and strengthen the parts of business that tend to get messy and demanding when there is no strategy in place to deal with them

TR Consulting is a team of skilled business consulting professionals who help business owners just like you to streamline, redefine and make better business choices every day. Our analysts can help you to make your business what it deserves to be. For more information about the services we provide, call the team on 1300793873 today.

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