There wouldn’t be a small business owner out there who hasn’t had to come to terms with periods of high stress- especially the new kids on the block. Managing small business stress is absolutely essential, and the sooner you get used to small business demands, the easier life will be. This doesn’t mean you need to throw lifestyle under the bus though- it just calls for a few simple commandments to stick to. In our two-part blog, we’ll cover 8 of the most effective ways to manage small business stresses when they arise.

1. Get a better view.

Let’s kick off with perspective. It’s really important to make sure you’re not always focusing on the negative all the time, because that mind frame is difficult to break out of once it becomes ingrained. A positive mindset is a huge asset to your business, so if in the event you are experiencing a challenge, don’t allow that challenge to consume you. One of the most important skills you can have as a business owner is learning to balance and digest business as it happens.

2. Prioritise

Feel like you’re spending all day on the one task? Spending more time on one project at the expense of others with more potential? Priority lists are your friend. List the tasks you need to knock over in your working day and allocate a percentage of time you are able to spend on it. Obviously, this will only work in some scenarios but if you’re the type of person to head down a rabbit hole on a project a little healthy structure will go a long way.

3. Brain Dump!

Ok, so if a brain dump isn’t your thing and all you want to do at close of business is get out the door, we don’t judge. But we do recommend the huge benefit of fresh air and exercise if you’ve been in the office all day. Set time aside for exercise and stick to your commitment- even if it’s walking part of the way home or to work.

4. Chill out.

Similarly, rest and breaks are going to do your productivity levels a lot more good than harm. Do you work through breaks and skip lunch just to get ahead? Watch what happens when you take your lunch at the same time every day for a week. Especially if you leave the office for just half an hour and return to your desk, you’ll almost always see a sustained production that reboots straight after your break rather than a slow waning of efficiency as the day drags on.

Stay tuned for part 2 of our posts on small business stress management, where we’ll continue talking about stress management and which tools other business owners find useful for delegating stressful tasks. See you there!

Be sure to reach out to our friendly team of consultants if you feel you’d benefit from an improved business strategy. We can help you mark out a better way to do business and that means less stress for you and more time for a balanced lifestyle. Call the team at TR Consulting on 1300793873 and make a start on better business today.

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