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  • 6 Great Small Business Ideas for Australians

    As a country, Australia has the ability to respond to global changes with above-average productivity in global growth sectors. These factors underpin its steady growth making it a low-risk destination to do business. Due to this business confidence is growing in Australia,...
    Posted on October 3,2018
  • Do You Want To Improve Business Cash Flow?

    There is no doubt that cash king. A large percentage of businesses fail because of cash flow problems. Managing business cash flow is a fine balance, there are two important ways you can achieve this: 1.    Cash flow forecasting – The forecast is used to forecast...
  • How To Prepare For The End Of Financial Year (EOFY) !

    Next week will see the end of the 2014/2015 Financial Year.  So what does this mean for a small business? What could you or should you be doing in preparation for this important milestone? Here are my top tips and recommendations to help you prepare for the new Financial...
  • The Challenges of Starting a Business

    We hear the phrase “It’s not rocket science” from time to time. As we may all know, it is uttered to emphasize that something is not that hard to do. The list of things wherein it can be used will go on. Having said that, there is also a list of subject where it...
    Posted on February 26,2015
  • Ten Ways a Business Savvy Consultant Can Help Your Business

    Hiring a business savvy consultant is an excellent way to turn an ordinary small business into an extraordinary revenue generating machine. Experienced consultants can help to overhaul how a business operates in a variety of ways to radically improve already existing...
    Posted on February 26,2015
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